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BOB Miscellaneous


Kontakt / EXS24 / Gigastudio 2

The B.O.B. Miscellaneous Instruments collection is a set of sounds which I did not feel comfortably fit into the other B.O.B. categories, you can think of them as 'left-overs' if you wish, but don't be fooled -there are some real gems in here.
Two sounds in this set were used on both a Grammy and Indie winning recording. The Grammy went to James Taylor for his HOURGLASS recording in the 1998 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Album and for Best Engineered Album. James used the Electric Guitar Volume Swells on the first track entitled Line 'Em Up. The INDIE went to Silver Wave recording artist Joanne Shanendoah for’ Peacemaker’s Journey’ in 2001 for ‘Native American Album of the Year’, the recording was produced by Tom Wasinger. The Monochord sample set was used on this recording. 

You'll notice the accordion set and the wind chime set have been omitted from the Kontakt and EXS versions. I did not fell the quality was 'up to par' with the others in the collection. If you need these 2 instruments, on this website a Button Accordion and Wind Chime demo set are available as a FREE download, and the quality is very high indeed!

Accordions 3.7 mb (Gigastudio only)
Bassoon 3.7 mb
Bullroarer 15 mb (Kontakt & EXS only)
Celtic Harp 2.2 mb
Classical Guitar 13.2 mb
Electric Guitar Volume Swells 8.5 mb
Monochord 7.7 mb
Spring Drum 5.3 mb
Steel Drums 3.8 mb
Taylor Acoustic Bass Guitar 2.9 mb
Upright Jazz Bass 12.8 mb
Water 18.7 mb
Wind Chimes 1.2 mb (Gigastudio only)
Zon Fretless Bass 23.7 mb

*Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER required. Will only run on the Kontakt PLAYER for 30 minutes in demo mode.*

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